Enough is Enough!

The negative environmental impacts of car use keeps on increasing, cities and citizens are suffering from massive car traffic congestion, pollution, growing health problems, parking issues …

Cities worldwide are coming to the same conclusion: “Urban areas are better off with far fewer cars”. 

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What’s next?

Cycling as a Solution

Traffic and pollution forces cities to restrict car access in city centres, introducing incentives and policies to increase cycling as mean of transportation in urban areas 

The Bicycle might be the angle of this story…

But, it ain’t the Hero, neither a sustainable solution …

Cycling as a lifestyle has its own challenges

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No weather Protection

Up 239 days of rain and frost in some regions, in such days 75% of people skip cycling.

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Very Limited ?

Work is too far away, Too much stuff to carry, Too tired for this, Bad Infrastructure, Danger, Theft… 

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Safety is absolutely an issue 🙁

A lot of people don’t feel safe cycling in traffic, especially when transporting children, very low safety measures. 

Now what?


It’s an eBike that looks like a car and functions like one.

Merges the advantages of cycling with better user accessibility and all-weather protection.


Most frequent questions and answers

Do I need a driving license for Car⧝eBike?

Most Car⧝eBike are regulated as an eBike, where no driving license is required and no license plate.

Can I drive Car⧝eBike in bike line?

Yes you can drive Car⧝eBike both in car and bike lines.

What’a the cost of it?


Does it have safety measures?


Where can I buy one?


Which model is the best?



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